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Awesome Music Venues in Denver

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Do you like going to see your favorite artists perform live at venues all over the country? If you are anything like me, seeing a band live makes or breaks my experience and passion for a band. I have a huge respect for bands that sound great when they perform live, entertain the crowd and make me want to see them again. The problem is when I see a band that I like their music and they do not sound good, they are not entertaining, I end up not liking them anymore. I also think the venue makes a big difference as to how the bands perform. If you see a show at a fun venue, chances are the bands you see there will perform at the top of their game. All this being said, here are a few of my favorite venues in Colorado that are worth making a trip to check out your favorite bands:

1.) Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO
One of the top places to watch a show in Colorado is definitely Red Rocks. This killer venue has brought such acts as The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead, Dave Matthews Band, Phish, the Eagles and Rush. Many bands use this unique venue to record their shows for CD's or DVD's. Red Rocks has also been noted as a top venue in the United States. Pollstar magazine has awarded Red Rocks the best small outdoor venue a record 12 times. The unique rock formations, beautiful views of Denver and small venue atmosphere makes this venue a must see for any vacation! []

2.) Folsom Field - Boulder, CO
Can you think of a better place to see a show than Boulder, CO? With the mountains in the horizon, this football stadium attracts some great talent to the University of Colorado campus regularly. Some of Folsom's biggest attractions includes The Who, Paul McCartney, The Beach Boys & the Rolling Stones. Although the seating in the venue makes you feel close to the entertainment, the stadium can seat over 50,000 people for a great show. If you are looking at traveling to see your favorite band, make sure you check the lineup at Folsom Field.

3.) The Ogden Theatre
Located on Colfax Avenue, the Ogden Theatre sits in the heart of Denver. A great feature about this small venue is the seating is all general admission. This keeps tickets at an affordable price and allows you to get as close to the band as desired; if you show up early you can be in the front row. With its rich history and great acoustics, bands enjoy booking shows at the Ogden. []

4.) The Fillmore Auditorium
Another great venue in Denver and one you won't forget! Originally converted in 1969, The Fillmore offers great seating for top performers to private parties and serves as Denver's largest indoor venues. A unique aspect of the venue is the drop down seating; as you walk into the main level the stage is a few stories below. []

If you are planning Colorado trips, make sure to visit one of these top music venues in the Denver area!

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