Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kayaking in Colorado

Posted by: Colorado Trips

If you've wanted to feel the rush of whitewater, kayaking in Colorado is the way to do it. Dvorak's is a dedicated kayaking outfitter since 1969.

Thousands of paddlers have come to Dvorak’s learning basic white water rafting and kayaking skills, taking on progressively greater challenges and achieving their own personal goals through our professional, personalized instruction. Our instructors have hundreds of hours of teaching and have run thousands of miles on our rivers and know what and how to communicate with those learning rafting, kayaking and canoeing. You can also choose the craft of your choice be that kayak, raft or canoe or all three! Our instructors are happy to share with you their knowledge about the most efficient techniques and important judgment calls you need to know to be a safe and proficient boater.

For more information about Dvorak's kayaking, check out their website www.dvorakexpeditions.com

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