Friday, July 2, 2010

Colorado Wine Tours

Wine may not be the first thought that comes to mind when someone mentions Colorado, but the dedicated vintners in this region are working to change that.

The climate is tough on the grapes and the soil can be unfriendly with plenty of clay to keep water from penetrating through to the deep grape vine roots. All this is incidental to the new breed of winemakers forging a name for their wines in the international wine world.

During the past 25 years the number of Colorado wineries has grown from one to more than 50... and there's more where they came from. Along with the increase in numbers comes an increase in experience that makes for better grape harvests and higher quality wines.The premium grape and fruit wines produced by Colorado wineries have begun to bring home the acclaim and awards in national and international competitions that they've earned.

While it’s been a longtime secret amongst connoisseurs, now everyone is learning that Colorado makes great wines. With its low humidity, warm days, cool nights and high elevation, Colorado has the perfect climate for producing premium wines. And with numerous national and international awards to its credit, everyone seems to be taking notice. There are more than 90 wineries located on the Colorado Wine Trail. From the Grand Valley (Palisade and Grand Junction) to the West Elks (Hotchkiss and Paonia) to the Front Range (Boulder, Denver, Loveland), Colorado’s wine country makes for a perfect escape. Most wineries, like the more than dozen located in Palisade, offer tours, tastings and scenic picnics in the vineyards throughout the year. Much like the rest of Colorado, you’ll find its wineries to be friendly, laid back and a great place to discover new things.

Wineries are a great place to relax. Most wineries have a tasting room as well as snacks. Some pair with local cheese producers to have great gourmet cheeses to compliment their wines. Visiting a winery can be a great thing to do in Colorado, and some wineries even have restaurants so you can take the whole family for lunch or dinner.

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Colorado is not yet famous for wine, but its good weather and laid back people make visiting a vineyard a great stop for a Colorado Vacation.

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