Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Colorado

Colorado offers a unique experience when it comes to hot air ballooning. The high altitude, clear air and mountain vistas offer ballooners an unmatched experience on their Colorado vacations. One popular location or thermal ballooning is the South Park Valley. No not because of the famous TV show, but because of the glorious views. This area is near the center of Colorado, so it is close by many other activities popular on Colorado trips.

This is right near the golden ski area that includes Vail, Breckenridge, Keystone and more. The most convenient place to stay outside South Park would probably be Colorado Springs. Most air balloons do not go that high up. However the launch point at South Park is one of the highest in the world. You will leave the ground already around nine thousand feet above sea level. From up top you can see mountains over 100 miles away through the clear air. Some popular sights are viewing both sides of the continental divide, Mt. Elbert and Pike's Peak. The balloons have the ability to go high for views and lower to monitor native wildlife.

After the balloon ride there is a special ceremony for first time travelers. I can't give you the full story now for fear of ruining it. After the ascent is over, many Rocky Mountain travelers opt to finish their Colorado trips with a full fledged adventure. There is kayaking, river rafting, horseback riding, fishing, biking and all kinds of outdoor adventures. Colorado is not short on culture as well. There are many wine, music and beer festivals, as well as historical sites. Some people like to descend into the old gold mines for a peek. The mining and ghost towns preserve the gold rush culture well.

Afterwards you can return to stay at Colorado Springs, where a morning adventure might include a trip up Pike's Peak on the cog railway, or a visit to the Garden of the Gods or US Olympic complex.

Another popular ballooning launch point is Boulder. Boulder has plenty to offer for Colorado trips, but while in the balloon the primary attractions are Estes Park and the front range mountains. Boulder is famous for its Pearl Street mall. Nearby is the Coors Brewery, Red Rocks Amphitheater and many more. Consider visiting a Colorado welcome center for more ideas for Colorado trips after your balloon ride.


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