Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Red Rocks Amphitheater

The Red Rocks Amphitheater is a unique natural rock theater owned by the city of Denver, Colorado. The red rock is formed by sandstone monoliths over 250 million years old. These giant structures frame the amphitheater and create great acoustics. These are just two of thousands of giant rock structures in the "Garden of Angels."

Used by the Colorado settlers for religious gatherings, and by American Indians for the same purpose before, the natural power of Red Rocks, from a beauty and acoustic standpoint is what sets it apart. In the early 1900's there was a temporary platform for concerts in the area. Although the amphitheater is close to Denver, before cars were common it was quite a hike through the steep rocks.

The actual man-made portion of the theater was constructed during the depression by the CCC and WPA. The project was designed from the outset to not just incorporate natural elements, but emphasize them. Today the two monoliths on the side and one behind the stage still steal the show.

Locals come to exercise on the unique challenge red rocks presents. Try running up the steps a few times and see what the altitude does to you. There is also a Colorado welcome center inside the visitor's center where volunteers will help you plan any trips in the Rockies.

The rock monoliths used to be part of the ocean floor. The park is full of natural history, with fossils of dinosaurs throughout the ages. With heights higher than Niagara falls, this is a truly majestic destination for Colorado trips. Inside the park there are trails where you can wonder along the rock formations. Hiking is not allowed on most rocks to prevent erosion. There is a visitors center however, which tells of the history of Red Rocks, with memorabilia from famous artists who have played there.

This makes Red Rocks a great Colorado trips destination for historical purposes. Nearby the rocks is the gateway to the rockies, with hiking, fishing and skiing. Denver is one of the largest cities in the rockies and has plenty to do with all kinds of relaxing amenities you may want on your Colorado Vacations as well. Common suggestions include visiting the Coors brewery, the Buffalo Bill Museum, or Bandimere speedway.

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