Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hot Springs in Glenwood and Colorado Springs

Hot springs are natural occurrences of surface water heated from geothermal activity far below. Few places are lucky enough for the water to form natural basins, so often the physical structure of hot springs are man made. Because the water has so much mineral activity, it is often full of natural salts.

Mineral water is considered to be good for the body. People have been using natural mineral springs as healing therapy for thousands of years. Of course doctors cant profit of promoting anything free and natural, but supposedly salty hot springs increase the metabolism, relieve muscles, and improve circulation. The minerals are supposed to pass through your skin through osmosis to be used by the lymphatic system and other cells.

Outside of the therapeutic effects, the real reason people like to bathe in hot springs is because they just make you feel good. The heat has a relaxing and enjoyable sensation. These are great hiking destinations. After a long drudging hike the relaxation is exquisitely perfect destination for Colorado trips.

Some hot springs are made into giant pools that swimmers can use. Others are small grottoes ideal for romantic Colorado trips. Many are clothing optional, or are in national parks. This makes them free from rules. Smaller pools are more for relaxation and therapy than vigorous exercise. The smaller pools are usually hotter, and exercise is not recommended at extreme temperatures. You may not even want to stay in these pools for an extended period of time.

The best springs are those high up in the mountains in a natural setting. There is nothing better than diving into a hot spring after walking naked through the snow. The hot cold change is exquisite, and the views upon the mountain tops cannot be beat. Just be careful to bring a towel to dry off before hiking in the cold. The water steams upon contact with the cold air.

When hiking, be careful of apparent hot springs you have never heard of. Not all hot springs are safe for humans. Whether that be because of toxic chemicals or scalding water, do not jump into an unknown pool of hot water. The Glenwood Springs hot springs is one of the largest in the world, with an amazing flow rate of 120 degree water. These springs are obviously safe, as well as the ones you may find in the national park guide book.

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