Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mountain Biking in Summit County

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If you like thrills and outdoors mountain biking just might be your new favorite hobby. If you have not yet felt the rush of high speeds, fresh mountain air and the blur of trees in your peripherals it is something you can't explain. Summit County, known for its ski resorts and high peaks offers some of the best mountain biking in the whole state of Colorado.

There are two types of mountain biking; single track and downhill. Single track biking involves a dirty "single" path that weaves up and down, back and forth, between amazing scenery usually on a wooded plot of land. Riders usually ride a lighter bike which helps with climbs. Downhill is exactly as it sounds, down hill usually at a ski resort. Riders ride a chair lift or gondola up the ski runs and bike down. Riders usually wear full equipment, a full faced helmet and ride a heavier bike made to take steep slopes and crashes.

A great thing about mountain biking is it can be as difficult or as easy as the rider wants to make it. If you want to go faster you have the ability to choose quicker trails and control your bike to do so. If you want to go slow you can choose an easier route down as well as ride your brakes and ease down the mountain.

There are so many trails to choose from in Summit County all offering spectacular views, new challenges and one hell of a workout. Summit County is so perfect for all riders because of all of the trail systems it offers.

If you are planning Colorado trips and your family enjoys the outdoors and sports, mountain biking is a must! Summers in Colorado bring great weather and beautiful landscapes. Enjoy it all with your family on a bike!

Here are a few places to rent mountain bikes in Summit Count: Alpine Sports (Breckenridge) Pioneer Sports (Frisco) Rebel Sports (Frisco)

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